Freeline Creative, LLC. is the Colorado-based design studio of Rachel Nedrud, and was born from a life inspired.

My love for the great outdoors runs deep as a Colorado native. By and large, nature is the catalyst for sparking this adventurous, curious life,  which is a huge part of who I am and what drives me to create! 

SERVICES: I specialize in custom design for business, brand, and/or personal use, with work ranging from logos, signage and marketing collateral, to apparel, product design, and more.

Every design I produce is met with intentionality and reflects a standard of adaptability, timelessness and conciseness, each so important in making a graphic effective.

the name: 

The connection between a "line" and the human spirit just struck me. Where there's creative freedom the line no longer just exists; it moves. It takes shape. It speaks. Authenticity is born. 

Freedom is a tool; embrace it!

Can't wait to chat with you! Shoot me a message. I look forward to helping you achieve a strong, well-crafted identity for your business or personal endeavor.


Mobile: (970) 405-2710
Email: rachel@freelinecreative.com